Olivia has always had a strong passion for working with animals. She was a decorated equestrian in her youth, and through her travels, later fell in love with Schutzhund – a sport which tests a dog's tracking, obedience and protection skills to evaluate if a dog possesses the appropriate traits and characteristics of a capable working dog.

Olivia has extensive experience handling personal protection dogs, service dogs, family pet dogs and everything in-between. She remains active in the canine training community - regularly travelling around the country to work with field experts - constantly striving to improve her knowledge of modern training techniques.

Dog training is not just Olivia's foremost passion, it is truly in the fabric of her being. Being a “dog mom” of four, she understands the importance of treating all client pets with attention and love, as if they were her own.

Every dog is unique and will require different training to achieve their owner’s goals. Such as, Olivia & the Houndstooth Team work to customize bespoke training packages to best fit your dog’s needs. By using the proven method of “Classical & Operant Conditioning,” Houndstooth can ensure owners are able to continue their dog’s training and maintain obedience upon their return home. Olivia specializes in the 8 Week Programs, Service Dog Programs, and Personal Procection. 


Emilee is a born animal lover and long-time dog mom to her beloved 7-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Papillon mix, Willow. Her strong belief is that - with a little help from Houndstooth Training - every client can have an obedient dog, which will allow them to live a stress-free life with the pet they love so much.

Having worked side-by-side with and under the tutelage of Olivia since the inception of the business, and officially certified in the method of “Classical & Operant Conditioning," Emilee is a qualified and skilled dog trainer in her own right.

Beyond her position as a Senior Trainer at Houndstooth, Emilee also handles the day-to-day business operations of the company. She oversees Houndstooth’s small but mighty staff, as well as all client communications (which she says is the most fulfilling aspect of the job!). In addition to these roles, Emilee is typically the one behind the camera posting your beloved pets on social media and marketing Houndstooth far & wide to future clients! Emilee Handles all 3 & 5 Week Board & Trains programs including Go Home Lesssons.